Gerrit Van Ness


"From the sublime to the irreverent."

I live in the small community of Bayview, located in the northwest corner of Washington, approximately 60 miles north of Seattle. Originally from the east coast, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1969, shortly after returning from overseas duty in the military.

Born in 1944, I lived 30 miles outside of New York City through my high school years.

Syracuse University provided my education in wood products engineering.

My love for constructing things began early in life, doing wood carving, pottery, working in house construction and wooden boat building from age seven or eight through high school. Home construction and design work also continued through college.

Art was a part of family life, with both parents being non-professional artists. A strong appreciation of art was also developed through frequent visits to the numerous museums and galleries in New York City.

As an adult, I revisited my love for creating objects by building fine furniture, crafting jewelry and producing lathe-turned pieces.

Skills developed over the years enable me to produce the mixed-media art objects for which I am noted today.

Most of my darker-themed work is related to time spent in combat in Vietnam.

Drugs, politics, and pop culture are all targets for my most recent work, and these subjects will undoubtedly provide plenty of subject matter well into the future.




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